Are engaged in Torah

Torah study is the basis and heart of the daily schedule in the Yeshiva. Each day the students fill themselves with study of Nigleh and Hasidus, Torah and Halakha, and learn how to translate Halakha into practical use for a true “Talmid Hakham.”
The overarching goal is to instill in the students a love for Torah learning, so that they become “candles to light the way.”


The Curricula

The curriculum includes learning Gemara both in depth and in breadth, in the same tractrates being learned in the Chabad Yeshivos, in accordance with a special curriculum tailored for the students by the Rosh Yeshiva, as well as a dedicated plan for learning Halakha and Hasidus.


Experiential Learning

Learning takes place in a number of formats: independent learning in pairs under the guidance of the Rabbis who are around to answer any questions and direct the students; classroom learning via lectures; and in small groups. We combine these with modern techniques including advanced video presentations, focused lectures, re-creations, summaries, and more.


Individually Tailored Learning

As part of our philosophy of advancing students by creating an aspiration toward success, we make sure to tailor the pace and character of the learning to each student, with every child having subjects they are more attracted to, and each child having different strengths.