Education and studies

Hasidische Atmosphere
The Yeshiva is not just a place for studying texts and material for exams, but also an incubator for the soul, where students can grow spiritually.
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חינוך ולימוד - אווירה חסידית
Religious Studies
Torah study is the basis and heart of the daily schedule in the Yeshiva. Each day the students fill themselves with study of Nigleh and Hasidus, Torah and Halakha, and learn how to translate Halakha into practical use for a true “Talmid Hakham.” The overarching goal is to instill in the students a love for Torah learning, so that they become “candles to light the way.”
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Professional development tracks
Professional training in the Yeshiva is taught with an eye towards excellence, and the maximizing of the potential of each student. The different tracks were chosen deliberately to ensure that graduates of the Yeshiva will have desirable skills allowing them to easily be integrated into the workforce. These studies take place in classrooms and fully equipped workshops, equipped with the most advanced technological equipment, allowing students to train in the actual profession and acquire proficiency of the highest levels.
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העשרה - חוגים 1
Enrichment - UniStream and extracurricular activities
In addition to the regular programs of study, the campus provides a range of enrichment activities, allowing each student to develop in other aspects, as well.
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