We are here for you


The Administration is there to guide each student individually in his personal growth and academic success in all spheres.

חינוך ולימוד - שיחות אישיות
Rabbi Shmuel Reinitz
Executive Director
Rabbi Eliyahu Wilhelm
Rabbi David Kolali
Principal of the Yeshiva
We are here for you
Rabbi Moshe Hillel
Head of the Yeshiva
מוטי פרידמן
Rabbi Motti Friedman
Dormitory Director
מאיר שיינר
Rabbi Meir Scheiner
Food Services Director

The Rabbis and Teachers

The Yeshiva lecturers are distinguished by their dedication to personalizing the learning for each student, specialize in giving clear and understandable lessons, and are filled with a sense of mission, which, thank G-d, is evident from the outcomes of our students and alumni.


The General and Professional Teachers

The professional teachers are all specialists with years of experience in their fields. They are dedicated to their work to ensure that everyone completes the programs successfully.


From the Heart Staff

Besides the educational staff, the students are given guidance by accredited guidance counsellors, a staff social worker, and staff psychologist. Who provide their expertise whenever needed.


Emissaries in Training

Each year, a group of young Chabad emissaries (Shluchim) arrive at the Yeshiva. They are graduates of Tomchei Tmimim Yeshivot in Israel, who have completed their year of study at the Chabad Headquarters. They make an instant and direct connection with the students, and help them with their learning, their Hasidus and in other social aspects.