Hasidim, Professionals,

Welcome to the Ohalei Temimim Atid
Educational Campus, Kfar Chabad.

In the heart of Kfar Chabad, on an expansive campus, situated in nature, dozens of students are combining Torah learning with a warm Hasidic influence, with professional trade studies that will provide them with a profession for life. The Yeshiva operates under the Ministry of Labor and the leading educational network Atid.

Fulfilling the vision of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, and molding the Anashim {role models} of the next generation

Making Connections

Warm and dedicated staff provide each student with individual guidance, from the heart.


A rich and inspiring, individually tailored Torah curriculum.

Acquiring a Trade

Professional trade tracks, including hands-on seminars and an entrepreneurial incubator.


A friendly environment allowing for self-actualization, creating successful Hasidim.


Hello to all, I would like to thank the administration and all of the staff of Yeshivas Ohalei Temimim for their investment and effort towards the students’ success. At the Yeshiva, the students receive personal attention, which includes specific concern for their needs, all in a warm Hasidic environment. Studies at the Yeshiva allow the kids to feel successful, and confident in their abilities.
Yaakov Jutovski’s mother
“As parents, we are glad that our son is studying at the fantastic Yeshivat Ohalei Temimim in Kfar Chabad, participating in Torah learning, Hasidic events, and high-level professional training. Not to mention, the excellent physical accommodations. The sensitive staff is there to guide the students throughout the day. We feel that our son has succeeded in developing by leaps and bounds toward his potential. Our son always found a willing ear, and supporting arm from the staff, and from his noticeably positive results, we see that the staff believes in him, and that is the secret to his success. We feel an obligation to express our gratitude to the staff for its dedication, day and night, and for that they should be blessed from Above.”
Yosef Yitchak Tamsit’s mother
Dear Parents, Are you seeking a Yeshiva where your son will feel at home? Where he’ll be happy to live, just like home? Is your son’s Yeshiva comfortable? Interesting? Challenging? Is it important to you that your son matters to the staff? A Yeshiva that students are proud to be a part of? From my experience, all of the above can be found at Yeshiva Ohalei Temimim. My son is in his third year at Yeshivat Ohalei Temimim and my greatest comfort is seeing him happy there. Part of the success is that the Yeshiva invests in Chabad emissaries, and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the emissaries for the work they do with the Yeshiva Students. They understand the students, believe in them, and truly think about each individual student. They are always approachable, as true students of the Rebbe should be. Wishing you continued success! I am happy to answer any of your questions at 058-6288860.
Berl Wagel’s mother

Torah and Professional Success

The curriculum is designed by a professional committee of rabbis and senior influencers, with the goal of allowing each student to achieve his maximum potential. It combines learning in pairs (in the style of classical Yeshivos) along with interesting lectures and study in small groups. The professional trade education is under the supervision of the Atid national education network.

Religious Studies
Takes up the entire first part of the day and includes learning Gemara in depth and in breadth; Tanya; Hasidic lectures and essays; Halkha; and a collection of other Judaic topics.
לימודי קודש - התאמה אישית
בית - להתמקצע
Professional Studies
Includes classroom and hands-on learning in one of two major tracks. Teaches high-level skills which will lead to well-paying careers. Students who succeed on final exams earn professional certification from the Ministry of Labor, and completion of 12 years of education.