A collection of successes

Well-maintained and comfortable surroundings are a requirement for the growth of every student. All of the buildings and grounds on the campus have been renovated in recent years at an investment of 10 million Shekel, and are maintained diligently by our grounds staff.

The Beis Medrash (Study Hall)

The Zal is the beating heart of the Yeshiva. This is where the prayers, paired-learning, and Hasidische gatherings take place.

The Classrooms and Workshops

The classrooms are spacious and pleasant, allowing the students to maximize their concentration on their studies. In the workshops, the students participate in literal hands-on learning at the highest levels, such as, designing and building electrical circuits, auto-mechanics, development and creation of unique solutions, and more.

The Dormitory

The students are given clean and modern rooms that have a pleasant, home-like feel. The maintenance staff as well as the students are diligent about keeping the rooms and common spaces clean, and ensure that facilities are always in working order.

The Dining Hall

Everyone knows that “an army marches on its stomach.” In the dining hall, the students are provided healthy and filling meals. When a student is satiated, he is calm, full of positive energy, and is able to learn with intent.

The commons

The students are provided with modern sports fields, and in the summer month, also have access to a nearby swimming pool. Throughout the year, the students also participate in a number of hikes in nature.