The future Hasidische community members are grown here!

More than 65 years ago, The Rebbe founded the “Trade School” for the benefit of Chabad children, with a framework that would allow suitable children to learn Nigleh and Hasidus along with professional trades, in a Hasidische environment.

Today, at Yeshiva Ohalei Temimim Atid in Kfar Chabad, dozens of students from Hasidishce homes learn Nigleh and Hasidus, strengthen their connections to Hasidic practice and fear of heaven, and acquire a profession for life.

We are grateful for your donation to support the Yeshiva and those learning in it. In doing so, you are partners in accomplishing the instruction of The Rebbe:

“It is very proper to put effort into this…and certainly into an institution such as this, which will bring a great benefit.”

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