To your servant really​

The Yeshiva is not just a place for studying texts and material for exams, but also an incubator for the soul, where students can grow spiritually!

A Hasidische Atmosphere

Each Yeshiva student lives around the clock in an atmosphere of fear of heaven, and living in the ways of Hasidism. From the moment he wakes up and washes his hands to the moment before sleep when he says Kriyas Shma before bed, the spirit of Hasidism envelopes him: In lively and joyful prayers, in his manners and speech, and in Hasidic gatherings on special days, and more.


Fear of Heaven…Out of Love

Throughout the year, the Yeshiva has a range of activities to encourage the students in Hasidic practice and connect them to an atmosphere of holiness out of joy and desire. Among these are assignments with prizes and special events that empower the student and show him the goodness and beauty of Hasidic practices – which he will then take with him for the rest of his life, and into the home he will build, G-d willing.


Personal Conversations

The Yeshiva staff guides each student individually, and are able to have a one-on-one conversation with each student at any time. The students know that even when a student has issues or difficulties (especially then!) the student will be granted a listening ear, which is so essential for his progress.