The large-scale operation that took the Yeshiva by storm has ended

On Monday, Tamuz 4th, the Siyum Harambam convention was held in the Yeshiva’s Beit Midrash, with the participation of the entire staff, students and Shluchim, the convention was combined with the completion of the operation There has never been a man such as Moses that took place for 3 weeks, during which the yeshiva students prepared for Gimmel Tamuz as well as carrying out various tasks and studying the daily Rambam.
During the convention, many prize-winning rafflesries took place, the largest one – plane tickets to Chatzrot Kodshenu and a dollar from the Rebbe – were won by the students Mendi Rosenzweig and Shalom Zandarov, many other students won the remaining prizes.
14 yeshiva students won a special trip to the North which includes a visit to the Rambam’s tziyun and an exciting boat trip, in light of their observance of the Rebbe’s instruction of studying the daily Rambam.

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