Summarizing the Yud Shvat operation

It has been a memorable and uplifting weekend in the Yeshiva, marking Yud Shvat – the day of the Rebbe Rayatz’s passing and the acceptance of leadership by the Rebbe.

The Yeshiva students came to this day prepared after a month of preparation for the large-scale Hechyateni operation – produced for them by the Shluchim, during which the students made great efforts and entered a large raffle with valuable prizes, the biggest of which was The Rebbe’s Dollar.

Yud Shvat was celebrated in the Yeshiva in a powerful and special Sabbos attended by the staff members and ended with a gathering held on Sunday in which the raffle took place. This operation will accompany the students through the year, something that was expressed in the festive reward for the event – a page with Birkot Hashachar with a new, inviting design that will motivate the bachurim to recite it.

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