The Shliach Levi Weispich says goodbye to the students

A few parting words before I leave:

After a period of over a year in the Yeshiva, I must say that the words “it’s hard saying goodbye” are felt very strongly by me.

Before I came to the Shlichut in the Yeshiva, I had various concerns about the Yeshiva and what the students would be like, how I’d get along if it all. In any case, it’s not like the usual Yeshivas I know, it’s something else entirely.
In any case, the Rebbe wanted and arranged for me to come to the Yeshiva and Barush Hashem, I felt I had an influence on the Bachurim and they had an influence on me. There students here have good hearts and souls. Sometimes their bad side takes over and on the outside things don’t seem to be the way you’d expect, but on the inside everything’s different.

One of the Yeshiva graduates told me this week that even if you think you can’t see the result of your influence in the last year in the Yeshiva, you should know that you’ve achieved a great deal!!

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