A Great way to end the year

An impressive ceremony combining Chag HaGeula Tamuz 12th and 13th, a graduation party for the students of Shiur Dalet, and a completion of the school year of 5781 was conducted in the Yeshiva with the attendance of all the staff and students.

The educational director rabbi David Kuleli began by summarizing the past year and hosted the evening with good taste…

The educational consultant, Rabbi Moshe Gechtman was honored in reading the Rebbe’s capital.

During the event, an impressive video was shown, exposing the participants to authentic recordings from the dedicated life of Jews behind the iron curtain, during the days of the communist regime, and their constant contact with their Rebbe despite all the difficulties involved.

The Shliach, HaTamim Shlomo Ben Ami detailed and explained the significance of Yud Tes Kislev and the magnitude of the miracle we celebrate every year.  

The head of the Yeshiva, rabbi Moshe Hillel, added commentary on matters of the day – the weekly portion of the Torah along with exciting stories.

Later on, a video summarizing the year was shown, made by the entire staff, which showed the students’ progress from their point of view, several of the students’ representatives shared their feelings about their Zcut in studying at Ohalei Temimim, their educational progress and personal success.

The Shluchim, who operate in special activities with the students throughout the year, also produced a video of their own and summarized their time here, their feelings and special moments in the Yeshiva that became engraved in their memory.

Immediately after, the students began dancing exuberantly, joined by the Shluchim and the staff for a long while.

Among those who gave words to the students: The CEO rabbi Shmuel Reinitz, director of the Education Campus rabbi Eliahu Wilhelm, reish metivta of Shiur Gimmel Rabbi Yinon Sasson and the Sliach the Tamim Chananel Teitelbeum, with captivating messages in which they explained the need for a Chassidic daily schedule, even in the coming Bein Hazmanim period, and personal example everyone must set for their environment.

During the evening, a festive meal was served to the students, prepared by the Yeshiva chef, reb Meir Sheiner, and we take this opportunity to give him thanks!

In the artistic portion, three students performed, singing and playing the guitar and keyboard. In an original and unique rendition of Ashrei Haish, by the artist reb Gil Akibayov, who also teaches music at the Yeshiva. The students learned the art of playing and singing from Akibayov and did well to show this in their wonderful performance.

The students of Shiur Dalet were called to the stage, one after the other, for a group photo and a personal book, that will accompany them in the future, to the sounds of joyous songs played in the background.

The festive event was completed with the distribution of a personal Tanya book printed in the Yeshiva a few months earlier, following a spontaneous dance that took place and a greeting of good Sabbos to the dear Tmimim who went home for the weekend.

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