Wishing everyone much success in the school year of 5782

Baruch Hashem, on Rosh Chodesh Elul, Ohalei Temimim school year of 5782 has begun, the veteran students were joined by the new Shiur Alef students, and for the first time, the class was split in two, due to the large number of new students.
The excited parents and students who just joined the Ohalei Temimim family were welcomed by the educational staff and the boarding school staff in a special meeting held in the Yeshiva’s Beit Midrash, during which they were acquainted with the Yeshiva and the rules of conduct expected from a student at Ohalei Temimim.
During this time, the students had time to, among other things, participate in a team building activity held with the rabbi Yeshavam Hillel who also later combined a moving performance with the recitation of Slichot nigunim, joined by the Yeshiva director rabbi David Kuleli and Shiur Bet teacher rabbi Nir Donenfeld who provided musical accompaniment, getting the students excited for the coming month of Tishrei…

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